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Love Nintendo Switch or anything Nintendo? Have an opinion piece, biography, game guide, or news that you’d like to share with the world? Wanting to beef up your journalistic CV or to highlight your writing?

We heartily welcome article submissions! In addition, we want things to be a win-win situation: we’re happy for you to e.g. include a link back to your blog if your article is approved. If there’s any other ways we can help, too, feel free to discuss it with us and we’ll see what we can do.

Read below to find out more!

Content Guidelines

  • Articles should be able anything related to Nintendo or Nintendo Switch! Most forms of article are okay – like news and guides – but if the line is ambitious, feel free to write to us first here.
  • Articles must be original, meaning that they are written by you and no-one else.
  • If your article appears on another website that you’re a part of – like your blog, for instance – then at least a certain proportion (say, 30%) of it should be brand new and not seen elsewhere on the internet.
  • Articles don’t have to be perfect, but we reserve the right to refuse articles that don’t quite meet our editorial standard. This includes getting topic, punctuation, and voicing correct. We may be able to provide advice in this regard, regardless or not we accept your article.

How to Apply 

Make a submission below! If you have your article in a Microsoft Word file, for example, upload it to the cloud (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive) and send us the link in the message below.

Put the topic you want to write about here!
If you want to include an article, do not plagiarise!
Is there anything in particular that you would find desirable? Why would you write for us in the first place?
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