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Dex – Switch Review

The world of Dex is a cyberpunk extravaganza filled to the brim with charming animations and visuals that emanate a wealth of grunge and personality. Yet, disappointingly, Dex is pulled down by the anchor that is, in a couple of...

/ July 23, 2020

Tharsis – Switch Review

On a dangerous mission to Mars, unnerving signals are received from mysterious figures on Mars. However when a meteoroid hits the space shuttle and two crew members are lost forever to the deep dark depths of space, the remaining crew...

/ April 11, 2020

HyperParasite – Switch Review

An evil parasite is slithering around a dystopian 80s, controlling civilians’ host bodies and wreaking havoc. As a roguelite twin-stick shooter, you play as said parasite, with various body types to take over and each with their own unique stats...

/ April 2, 2020

Turn-Based Space Survival Game Tharsis Announced for Nintendo Switch

Qubic Games have another one for us. This time, it’s the turn-based space survival game Tharsis coming to Nintendo Switch next month. Check it out: Tharsis is a turn-based, space survival strategy game that demands tough tactical and moral decisions,...

/ March 27, 2020
Escape Doodland

Escape Doodland – Switch Review (Quick)

Escape Doodland is a 2D sidescrolling auto-runner where you must outrun the gigantic dragon monster behind you. Jump from platform-to-platform, use matchsticks to fart, propelling yourself or stunning the monster if it gets too close, and collect beans that are...

/ March 17, 2020

QubicGames Are Holding a MASSIVE Games Giveaway on Switch

Update: December 24th free game announced to be Space Pioneer. For their 15th anniversary, QubicGames are holding a massive giveaway on Nintendo Switch where you can download one free game every day for the ten days leading up to Christmas...

/ December 11, 2019
Space Pioneer

How Long is Space Pioneer? From Beginner to Hardcore Gamers

Before buying the game, you may ask, “how long is Space Pioneer?” and instead of giving a one and done answer, we know that there are players of all different skill levels out there. So we’ve laid it out to...

/ December 6, 2019
Space Pioneer

Space Pioneer – Switch Review

Space Pioneer is a run ‘n gun twin stick shooter that has you taking down hordes of alien monsters and undertaking missions to ensure your success in colonising for the sake of humankind. With its addictive RPG lite system and...

/ December 6, 2019