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Camped Out

Camped Out! – Preview

INCA Studios’ Camped Out! has been on our radar since we first saw it at PAX AUS 2018 and then more so when we spoke to Andrew at PAX AUS 2019. We’ve now been able to go hands on with...

/ October 9, 2020
Bake N Switch

Bake ‘n Switch – Switch Review

The aptly named Bake ‘n Switch transforms players into a world of Apprentice Bakers, magical living Buns and an ever-growing threat of mould. In this co-op cooking party game crossed brawler, combine Bun creatures to make bigger Buns in order...

/ September 10, 2020
Boomerang Fu

Boomerang Fu – Switch Review

Quaint with a childish charm and a competitive spin that makes for one of the Switch’s best party games, Boomerang Fu is an instant classic with its quirky physics, stunning visuals, upbeat music, and wealth of replay value. Sitting down...

/ August 13, 2020

Swimsanity! – Switch Review

Swimsanity! is an underwater 2D side-scrolling twin-stick shooter. Play with up to four players locally or online in order to cooperate and defeat a gigantic oncoming shark or duke it out against each other to be the last Mooba standing....

/ August 10, 2020
Cannibal Cuisine

Cannibal Cuisine Coming to Nintendo Switch this Month

Meat (pun intended) Cannibal Cuisine, a couch co-op cooking party game coming to Nintendo Switch on May 20th. With a twist of hunting tourists and feeding their meat to the hangry god of the land. Here’s the overview: Cannibal god...

/ May 7, 2020

Marooners – Switch Review

Marooners is a mini-game marathon party game that has up to six players chaotically fighting over coins to be the one player to come out on top. Whether you’re dodging rolling boulders whilst wailing on your friends or mining through...

/ February 11, 2020
Brief Battles

Interview with Juicy Cupcake – Brief Battles

At PAX Aus 2019, we were fortunate enough to be able to speak with Andrew from Juicy Cupcake about their upcoming multiplayer party game – Brief Battles. Alex: Hello everyone, this is Alex and I’m joined here by Andrew from...

/ October 23, 2019
Nintendo Switch Party Games

40 of the Best Nintendo Switch Party Games (July 2019)

It’s party time! Pack your carry bag, grab those Joy-Cons and get ready to compete with your friends and family in some wild Nintendo Switch party games! This hybrid console was made for local multiplayer straight out of the box,...

/ July 3, 2019