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Eiji Aonuma Legend of Zelda

Eiji Aonuma (Part 1): Before The Legend of Zelda

青沼 英二 Eiji Aonuma was born March 16, 1963 in the Nagano Prefecture. Today, he is known for his influence of The Legend of Zelda series, but we’ll get to that in part 2. After graduating from High School, Aonuma...

/ August 23, 2019
Nintendo Switch Lite

Pre-Order the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon Australia for $288

If you live in Australia, you’re in luck! Amazon AU currently has the Nintendo Switch Lite available to pre-order for just $298AU instead of the RRP of $329AU. Now we realise that the title says $288, and that’s the price...

/ August 15, 2019
SNES Super Nintendo Wireless Controller

SNES Games on Nintendo Switch Online? New FCC Application for Wireless SNES Controllers Lodged

Nintendo has just submitted an FCC application for wireless SNES controllers (Device ID BKE HAC-042). As fans have been clambering for Super Nintendo games to be apart of the Nintendo Switch Online service, this may be the hint that we’ve...

/ August 13, 2019
Green Joy Cons

New Dual Green Switch Joy-Cons Announced

A few weeks ago, Nintendo announced that two new Joy-Con colour variations (Blue/Neon Yellow and Neon Purple/Neon Orange) would soon be hitting store shelves. But today, Best Buy in the United States announced on their website that dual green Joy-Cons...

/ August 11, 2019

Poké Jobs Introduced as a New Feature in Pokémon Sword and Shield

In addition to the announcements made today in the brand new trailer, Poké Jobs have also been announced. ‘What are Poké Jobs?’ you might ask? Well: In the Galar region, it is very common for people and Pokémon to work...

/ August 7, 2019

Galarian Forms, Rivals and Team Yell Announced for Pokemon Sword and Shield

In today’s anticipated announcement, the Pokemon Company showed off a whole bunch of new information, including the game’s Team organisation: Team Yell, Rivals, Galarian Forms and a brand new evolution for Zigzagoon and Linoone. Certain Pokémon have adapted to the...

/ August 7, 2019

The “Iwata-San” Book May be Receiving an Official Translation

Recently, Shigesato Itoi‘s company, Hobonichi, released the book “Iwata-San” that detailed much of the late Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata’s, life. The book contains nine chapters in total, including: Iwata-san until the time he became the President (of Nintendo) Iwata-san’s leadership...

/ August 2, 2019

Hero Available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Today

In today’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Dragon Quest Hero presentation, it was revealed that Hero will be available TODAY! The Hero can be acquired either via the Fighters Pass or individually for a fraction of the price.

/ July 30, 2019

Super Smash Bros. Video Presentation Will Reveal Details and Date for Hero

E3 2019 revealed that Dragon Quest’s Hero will be making his (their?) way to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a tentative ‘Summer 2019’ release window. Well the wait is almost over with Masahiro Sakurai giving a presentation personally showing off...

/ July 29, 2019
Paper Mario Thousand Year Door

#RemasterThousandYearDoor Trending on Twitter

We’re not sure what starter the most recent outcry was, but there has been a push for the GameCube cult classic Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door to be remastered on Twitter with #RemasterThousandYearDoor. In a YouTube video by Arlo,...

/ July 28, 2019