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Baba is you

Baba is You is Coming to the Nintendo Switch March 13th

In one of last year’s Indie Highlights video, Nintendo showed off a darling little indie game called Baba is You. Here’s their description… Baba Is You, a puzzle game where you can change the rules, will be released on the...

/ February 21, 2019
Nintendo Direct February 2019

Nintendo Direct Confirmed for February 13 (Times in link)

It’s happening, this is not a drill! A Nintendo Direct has been announced for tomorrow, February 13th. The Direct is said to be going for 35 minutes and will show details for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Here are the times:...

/ February 12, 2019
NES Switch Online Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby’s Adventure Being added to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo has just announced that they’ll be adding two more NES games to the Nintendo Switch Online app on February 13th: Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby’s Adventure. For the second month in a row, Japan will be receiving a...

/ February 6, 2019
switch xbox one crossplay

Microsoft Wants to Expand Cross-Platform Gaming via Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch

GDC is only one month away and Microsoft have begun to talk about their plans for the future. The most interesting thing of note is that Microsoft wishes to grow Xbox Live through PC, mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. Jeffrey...

/ February 4, 2019

Nintendo Teased an Unannounced Game that “fans would be delighted to know”

In Nintendo’s financial results meeting, Nintendo was a little cheeky and teased that they have an unannounced titles that “fans would be delighted to know”. As this is for the next fiscal year, we probably won’t be hearing anything about...

/ February 1, 2019
Nintendo Illumination

Super Mario Bros Movie on Track for a 2022 Release

Not long ago, Nintendo announced that Mario was going to receive his own theatrical movie and that they have partnered with Despicable Me studio Illumination. With financial briefing meetings underway, we’re getting a lot of updates about Nintendo’s future plans....

/ February 1, 2019
Super Nintendo World

Nintendo Hope to Have the Universal Theme Parks Ready by 2020 Tokyo Olympics

With financial briefing meetings underway, we’re getting a lot of updates about Nintendo’s future plans. One that caught our eyes was that Nintendo’s ‘Super Nintendo World’ at Universal Studios is progressing well and that they plan to have it open...

/ February 1, 2019

Switchaboo Podcast: Episode 2 – Metroid Prime 4 Delay

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 2 of the Switchaboo Podcast! Today, we’ll be talking about the recent Indie Highlights video, the unfortunate delay of Metroid Prime 4 and our favourite Nintendo characters… Click here for the Soundcloud version.

/ February 1, 2019
Nintendo Switch (Credit Nintendo Australia)

Top Selling Nintendo Switch Games as of December 31, 2018

Nintendo has just updated their top selling title sales units on the Japanese Nintendo website. So let’s go ahead and list them:   10. Kirby Star Allies: 2.42 Million Copies 9. Mario Tennis Aces: 2.53 Million Copies 8. 1-2-Switch: 2.86...

/ January 31, 2019

Nintendo Switch Has Now Sold 32.37 Million Units

Nintendo has just announced its results for the year ending March 2019, and there are some pretty amazing statistics! For one, the Nintendo Switch has sold 32.37 million units, having sold 14.49 million units sold in the last quarter. Also:...

/ January 31, 2019