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Bravely Default II

Bravely Default II Announced for Nintendo Switch

The Bravely Default series was a smash hit on the Nintendo 3DS and reminded fans that classic JRPGs are still well and truly alive. Check out the announcement trailer below… Bravely Default II is said to release in 2020.

/ December 13, 2019
No More Heroes 3

New No More Heroes 3 Trailer

The Game Awards always have some juicy Nintendo announcements and trailers, and this year we got a brand new trailer of No More Heroes 3 that was announced at E3 2019. Check it out…

/ December 13, 2019
Nindies Showcase (March 2018)

New Indie World Presentation Announced (Times in Link)

We love our Nindies and Nintendo have yet another Indie World presentation happening for us tomorrow. Here are the times: 10am PT 1pm ET 6pm in the UK 7pm in Europe 4am AEST

/ December 10, 2019
Nintendo Switch Online NES

Nintendo Switch Online to Receive Four SNES Games and 2 NES Games

It seems like it’s been forever since Nintendo has updated the Online retro games ever since 20 Super Nintendo games became available. But today, they’ve announced that there will be four new SNES games and two new NES games coming:...

/ December 5, 2019
Nintendo Switch (Credit Nintendo Australia)

Nintendo Switch Just Had Its Best Week of Sales Ever

Remember how we’ve been going on about how well the Nintendo Switch has been selling? Well, it’s gotten even better! In the US over Thanksgiving week (November 24th to November 30th), with combined sales reaching over 830,000 units. That makes...

/ December 5, 2019
Nintendo China

Nintendo Switch Getting Ready to Launch in China

Nintendo have been trying for decades to gain a foothold into the Chinese gaming market and now, the Nintendo Switch might be the answer they’ve been waiting for. In a recent partnership with Nintendo and Tencent, a press conference was...

/ December 4, 2019
Super Mario Maker 2 Link

Super Mario Maker 2 Update Adds Link & the Master Sword

Nintendo has just announced a brand new update for Super Mario Maker 2 that adds in a bunch of additional content, including new enemies, new blocks and a familiar looking green dude. We’ll see the inclusion of Spike who has...

/ December 2, 2019
Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

40 of the Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

The Nintendo Switch caters to all audiences and has many games in its library, but which are the best Nintendo Switch games for kids? We’ve compiled a list of 40 games that are perfect for children and for players of...

/ December 1, 2019
Earthbound 64 Mother 3

New Details Surface About Earthbound 64

Source Gaming’s Kody “NOKOLO” is a big fan of the Mother series and has always been curious about the cancelled Earthbound 64 version that was cancelled and reworked for the Game Boy Advance. Kody heard that in the Dengeki Nintendo...

/ December 1, 2019
Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda TV Series Listed on IMDb

This certainly isn’t the first rumbling of a Legend of Zelda TV series and I doubt it will be the last. This time around, the franchise has been listed as a TV series on IMDb, a website database that contains...

/ November 20, 2019