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New Rating Surfaces for Bioshock: The Collection on Switch

Bioshock on Switch has been something that fans have been clambering for since the console’s release almost two years ago, and that wait may soon be over. A rating has surfaced for the Bioshock: The Collection on a Taiwanese rating...

/ January 15, 2020
Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World Commercial Reveals ‘Power Up Bands’ & App

News about Universal Studios Japan has been revealed with a brand new Super Nintendo World commercial. In addition to this, there’s also a Super Nintendo World Global Kick Off Presentation happening which has provided even more information. Firstly, we received...

/ January 14, 2020

Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres Revealed

As a fan of the original generation (some may call me a Genwunner), it’s fantastic to see more Galarian variations come to Pokemon Sword and Shield. In the most recent Pokemon Direct, Galarian Aritcuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres were...

/ January 10, 2020

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX Announced for Nintendo Switch

Back in 2006, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue Rescue Teams announced for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. Now, the games are combining into one game that’s being remaster for the Nintendo Switch as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team...

/ January 10, 2020
Australian Bushfires

Twitter Users Wanting to Set Up Humble Bundle for the Australian Bushfire Crisis

The bushfires currently blazing in Australia has been devastating and with us being based in Australia ourselves, we’ve seen the terrible repercussions of this happening all around us. With a majority of the Australian nation unhappy with the efforts (or...

/ January 4, 2020
nintendo direct

New Switch SKUs on GameStop’s Database Suggests Upcoming Nintendo Direct

It’s been a while since the last Nintendo Direct (September 4th, to be exact) and fans want to know what is to be expected from Nintendo in 2020. Well, the wait may not be that long as a Snapshot of...

/ January 2, 2020

Atmospheric Horror Game Infliction: Extended Cut Launches February 25th on Nintendo Switch

You may remember us interviewing Caustic Reality about their upcoming horror game Infliction at PAX Aus 2019. Well now, we have a firm release date of February 25th, 2020 as Infliction: Extended Cut. If you’re unfamiliar with Infliction, check out...

/ December 12, 2019
Brief Battles

Brief Battles Launches on Nintendo Switch on February 21

You may remember us doing a little interview with Juicy Cupcake about their party multiplayer action-platformer Brief Battles. Well in that interview, we were told to be on the lookout for a release date announcement real soon, and here it...

/ December 10, 2019
Roombo First Blood

Roombo: First Blood Coming to Nintendo Switch on December 23rd

Have you ever had that nightmare where you Roomba has been out to kill you? I have, and I think the developers at Samurai Punk have too. Roombo: First Blood has you playing as the robot vacuum itself, defending the...

/ December 6, 2019
Nintendo Switch (Credit Nintendo Australia)

Nintendo Switch Just Had Its Best Week of Sales Ever

Remember how we’ve been going on about how well the Nintendo Switch has been selling? Well, it’s gotten even better! In the US over Thanksgiving week (November 24th to November 30th), with combined sales reaching over 830,000 units. That makes...

/ December 5, 2019