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Metroid Prime 4

Super Lucky’s Tale and DC Universe Online Designers Join Retro Studios to Work on Metroid Prime 4

“Year: 2020. Month: February. Subject: Metroid Prime 4. It seems like a lifetime since we’ve head news of Metroid and with each passing day, its possibility appears to slip further from the realm of possibility. I now float, aimless, lost,...

/ February 17, 2020
Metroid Prime 4

Former Halo Artist is now working for Retro Studios

Kyle Hefley worked at 343 games working as a senior designer on the Halo franchise where he worked on armoured super soldiers and alien warriors in Halo 4, Halo 5 and Halo: Infinite. He also worked on the Master Chief...

/ October 30, 2019

Switchaboo Podcast: Episode 2 – Metroid Prime 4 Delay

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 2 of the Switchaboo Podcast! Today, we’ll be talking about the recent Indie Highlights video, the unfortunate delay of Metroid Prime 4 and our favourite Nintendo characters… Click here for the Soundcloud version.

/ February 1, 2019
Metroid Prime 4

Development on Metroid Prime 4 Restarting from Scratch with Retro Studios

In an update video on Metroid Prime 4, Shinya Takahashi gave some troubling news. Takahashi explained that the game wasn’t meeting the quality standards that Nintendo expect of their games and that development will be entirely scrapped in order to...

/ January 25, 2019

Nintendo E3 Direct Recap

As they always do, Nintendo closed the series of conferences at E3 2018 on Tuesday, June 12. Their annual video presentation has taken on many forms and many titles over the years since they abandoned the traditional live conferences, with...

/ June 12, 2018