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Golf With Your Friends

Golf With Your Friends – Switch Review

You likely nabbed a Switch for one of three reasons – on-the-go gaming, local multiplayer, or the fun-filled exclusives. Golf With Your Friends is the perfect addition to the handheld’s roster, giving an experience reminiscent of Wii Sports. Gameplay Golf...

/ June 14, 2020

Spacejacked – Switch Review

Spacejacked is a 2D tower defence game that also borrows elements from 2D run ‘n gun platformers. Build and upgrade turrets, defend the Core against them and protect the spaceship to make it out alive. You’re the only one who...

/ June 13, 2020

WARBORN – Switch Review

WARBORN is a turn based strategy RPG set in space. With games like Fire Emblem dominating the genre, do independent developers have what it takes to make waves? If WARBORN is any indication, the answer is yes.  Gameplay  The gameplay...

/ June 11, 2020

Polandball: Can into Space! – Switch Review (Quick)

Polandball: Can into Space!’s loading screen begins with a janky ball moving around like it has been animated in the free-to-use educational Scratch software which sets the tone for the low-quality experience that you’re about to be hurled into. This...

/ June 7, 2020

Turmoil – Switch Review

Let’s go back to a time where gentlemen on horses would tip their hats to southern Belles and the oil mining monopoly was in full swing in the old west. Turmoil is a 2D oil mining game where you must...

/ June 5, 2020

Liberated – Switch Review

With our digital trail and online presence being surveyed by those claiming to protect us, when does enough become enough? Liberated tells a story of a world with a camera on every corner and officials monitoring every move we make...

/ June 2, 2020
Knight Squad

Knight Squad – Switch Review (Quick)

Knight Squad is 1-8 player party action game that has you competing in various modes in order to emerge victorious. Upgrade your weapons, swing your swords and complete objectives to become the bravest knight of them all. To arms! Good...

/ May 30, 2020
Monster Prom XXL

Monster Prom: XXL – Switch Review

The Monster Prom is coming up and you must find a date to avoid being the laughing stock of your fellow vampire and gorgon students. Sweet talk (or commit heinous atrocities) to impress your potential date and in multiplayer, talk...

/ May 28, 2020
Bug Fables

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling – Switch Review

Can’t wait for the upcoming Paper Mario? Itching for a Zelda-like story and world? Haven’t had your fix of fresh Pokemon battles in some time? Then Bug Fables is the mishmash from heaven that you need. Gameplay As you traverse...

/ May 27, 2020

Red Wings: Aces of the Sky – Switch Review

Games set in historical times tend to get bogged down in their setting that’ll alienate some players. Luckily, Red Wings is a fast paced WWI-era dogfighting game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. So just how does this divergent game...

/ May 26, 2020