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Later Daters

Later Daters: Part Two Launches on Switch Later this Month

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the second part to Bloom Digital’s senior dating sim game Later Daters, then that wait is almost over! We’ve been excited to get back into the virtual old folks’ dating world since our review of...

/ October 15, 2020
Space Crew

Space Crew – Switch Review

The year, 2152; the captain and their crew are on a routine mission to deliver precious cargo to a neighbouring planet when suddenly, enemies approach! Pew Pew, man the turrets! The oxygen tank has been hit, get the engineer on...

/ October 13, 2020

Juiced! – Switch Review (Quick)

Tiko is a short bug-eyed prune… thing that is on a mission to put a stop to the evil wizard’s plans by recovering the Eternal Crystals. In this nostalgia-filled adventure, Juiced! focusses on what made the retro platformers of the...

/ October 12, 2020
Nippon Marathon 2

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Nippon Marathon 2

For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at Onion Soup’s Nippon Marathon 2. The game is slated to release April 2022 on PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch and EXA-ARCADIA. Here’s the overview: Nippon Marathon 2 is the ultimate...

/ October 11, 2020
Camped Out

Camped Out! – Preview

INCA Studios’ Camped Out! has been on our radar since we first saw it at PAX AUS 2018 and then more so when we spoke to Andrew at PAX AUS 2019. We’ve now been able to go hands on with...

/ October 9, 2020
Adventures of Chris

Adventures of Chris – Switch Review

A fat, asthmatic, slow, timid kid thrown into a sidescroller where the coins are cookies, the health pickups are milkshakes, and the enemies are an assortment of Castlevania-esc horrors that range from Dracula-like vampires to gigantic spiders – The Adventures...

/ October 9, 2020
The Survivalists

The Survivalists – Switch Review

A young survivalist’s adventure has caught themself in a terrible thunderstorm out in the open seas and in the aftermath, they’re washed ashore on a deserted island with nothing but a few resources and the land to live off of....

/ October 8, 2020
Rooftop Renegade

Rooftop Renegade – Preview

The local multiplayer railgun platformer has just received its first pre-launch demo on Steam. We’ve had Rooftop Renegade on our radar since we spoke to Patrick from Melonhead Games this time last year at PAX AUS and it’s now time...

/ October 8, 2020
Alwa's Legacy

Alwa’s Legacy – Switch Review

Alwa’s Legacy is the sequel to Alwa’s Awakening, both developed by the awesome peeps at Elden Pixels. As per the first game, the story follows the protagonist Zoe as she meanders her way through the world of Alwa. It’s an...

/ October 8, 2020

Prinny 1•2: Exploded and Reloaded – Switch Review

Fans of the Disgaea series might recognize these cuddly flightless demons as prinnies in a minor role but this time, they get the spotlight in a side-scrolling platformer. All the typical prinny hijinks in an inane adventure that will appeal...

/ October 7, 2020