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Cannibal Cuisine

Cannibal Cuisine – Switch Review (Quick)

Among the slew of party co-op games comes Cannibal Cuisine, a game where you and other tribesmen must slay tourists and use their meat to make sacrificial dishes in order to appease the god Hooboochoo. Use special abilities, cook the...

/ May 19, 2020
Cannibal Cuisine

Cannibal Cuisine Coming to Nintendo Switch this Month

Meat (pun intended) Cannibal Cuisine, a couch co-op cooking party game coming to Nintendo Switch on May 20th. With a twist of hunting tourists and feeding their meat to the hangry god of the land. Here’s the overview: Cannibal god...

/ May 7, 2020

Marooners – Switch Review

Marooners is a mini-game marathon party game that has up to six players chaotically fighting over coins to be the one player to come out on top. Whether you’re dodging rolling boulders whilst wailing on your friends or mining through...

/ February 11, 2020