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Gato Roboto: Final Boss Guide

The Final Boss in Gato Roboto is certainly a challenging fight, as you’d expect. It’s actually split up into two parts, so let’s get into it… Part 1 The first manoeuvre that the Final Boss will do is to bob...

/ May 31, 2019
Pikuniku Walkthrough

Pikuniku Adventure Mode Walkthrough (Part 5): Volcano / Final Boss

Welcome to part 5 of our walkthrough of the Pikuniku Adventure Mode! Whilst this game is quite linear, there are still some moments and puzzles that may leave you scratching your head. We had just been locked up in a...

/ January 21, 2019
Monster Boy Lord Xaros

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom – Lord Xaros (Final Boss) Guide

Lord Xaros is the final boss of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom and you better bring your A Game. Although once you know his attack patterns, the fight isn’t particularly difficult.   Phase 1 Phase 1 is pretty simple....

/ December 7, 2018