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The Messenger – Totem Boss Guide (Picnic Panic DLC)

The Messenger has received some brand new free DLC and just like we covered the game before, so too will we cover the additional content. Here is The Messenger totem Boss Guide… Stage 1 With the three blocks floating in...

/ July 13, 2019

Gato Roboto: Lava Mouse Boss Guide

The Lava Mouse is the second boss in Gato Roboto and arguably the most difficult. It took us a few attempt to defeat it, so we figured we’d do a quick guide for it… First things first is to make...

/ May 31, 2019
Monster Boy Nabu

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom – Nabu Boss Guide

For this boss fight against Nabu, I cannot stress enough that you need to have the Ice Armor equiped and upgraded so that you can avoid taking damage from fire! Phase 1 Nabu likes the slots… apparently. So your first...

/ December 6, 2018
Monster Boy Boss Voldrake

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom – Voldrake Boss Fight Guide

Voldrake has a lot of firepower… literally. Be careful of his fire attacks and try not to stay too close to his head. That doesn’t mean not to attack it, but keep moving and try to keep your distance when...

/ December 4, 2018