Adventures of Pip

Adventures of Pip – Switch Review

Nostalgia is a powerful tool in video games; sometimes even a single pixel can take you back to better times. Adventures of Pip understands this by taking place within a world where pixels and sprites are common knowledge and Princess...

/ September 10, 2020
Hotshot Racing

Hotshot Racing – Switch Review

Gear up and take in those sweet waves of nostalgia as Hotshot Racing attempts to bring back the classic arcade racing genre from the 90s. With four tourneys, eight racers, online and additional modes, all running at a smooth 1080p...

/ September 9, 2020
Hyrule Warriors Sequel

Hyrule Warriors Sequel Age of Calamity Coming in November

In true Nintendo 2020 fashion, they’ve just dropped another bombshell. This time, Hyrule Warriors is getting a sequel called Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Here’s the announcement and a trailer: A century before the events of The Legend of Zelda: Breath...

/ September 9, 2020
No Straight Roads Competition

Competition: No Straight Roads

Disclaimer: Due to postage and region restrictions, this competition for No Straight Roads is only available for residents in Australia and New Zealand. Courtesy of Five Star Games, we are happy to announce that we are holding a competition to...

/ September 8, 2020
Girl Genius

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Girl Genius – Adventures in Castle Heterodyne

For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at Rain Games’ Girl Genius – Adventures in Heterodyne. The game is slated to release December 2022 on PC and Mac, with PlayStation and Xbox releases as stretch goals. In regards...

/ September 6, 2020
Camped Out

Camped Out! Gets an All New Gameplay Trailer

Ever since we interviewed INCA Studio’s Andrew Caluzzi at PAXAUS last year, we’ve been itching to hear more about their debut title Camped Out!. In this new gameplay trailer, you’ll see how you can set up camp before nightfall and...

/ September 6, 2020
Super Mario Direct Recap

Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct Recap

Well, that came out of nowhere! I’ve been hyperventilating and since Nintendo Australia have provided a full Super Mario Direct recap, let’s hear it from them: Mario has come a long way since jumping on that first Goomba in World...

/ September 3, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Super Mario 3D All-Stars Officially Announced; Launches September 18th

The rumblings have been rumbling for quite a while and now, we finally have confirmation of Super Mario 3D All-Stars launching in just TWO WEEKS on September 18th. Check out the trailer: Whilst they’re not exactly “HD” versions, they are...

/ September 3, 2020
Bake N Switch

Bake ‘n Switch Launches on Switch Next Week

We’ve been looking forward to Bake ‘n Switch since it was announced in a previous Indie World presentation and now, we finally have a release date of September 10th. Check out the press release along with a new trailer: Ready...

/ September 3, 2020
Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons – Switch Review

Take to the high seas and clear the path for Christopher Columbus before he set sail and discovered the Americas in 1492. In Here Be Dragons, you’ll battle Tritons, Krakens and other dangerous sea monsters in turn-based, dice rolling combat....

/ September 3, 2020