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Arcade Spirits

Arcade Spirits – Switch Review

In a world full of neon lights and the love of video games all around you, Arcade Spirits has you starting a brand new job at Funplex, the local arcade with a colourful cast of staff. Delve on a path...

/ April 30, 2020
Dread Nautical

Dread Nautical – Switch Review

Dread Nautical is an mysterious survival/strategy adventure on a cruise ship overrun by monsters. The game takes the survival aspect to the next level with everything you could need in dangerously short supply. Can Dread Nautical make the jump from...

/ April 30, 2020

Liberated – Preview

The somber and gritty atmosphere of Liberated feels like a splice between Gotham and 1984, which is fitting given the comic-book aesthetic that the game is designed with. Each level is an issue, and cutscenes are expressed through panels, whilst...

/ April 29, 2020
Deadly Premonition 2

Deadly Premonition 2 Will Launch on Nintendo Switch this July

Just yesterday, Hidetake “Swery” Suehiro promised that news of Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise would be coming next week. That news actually came much earlier than expecting, with the announcement that the Deadly Premonition sequel will be launching...

/ April 29, 2020

STONE, the Aussie Hip-Hop Stoner Film-Noir Game, is Coming to Switch

Convict Studios have just announced that their Aussie Hip-Hop Stoner Film-Noir Game STONE is coming to Nintendo Switch. ‘When?’ you might ask. Well, May 8th (or M8 Day), of course! Here’s what the team had to say: The blokes and...

/ April 28, 2020
Deadly Premonition 2

“Something will happen next week,” says Suehiro about Deadly Premonition 2

Since the game was revealed a few Nintendo Direct’s ago, we haven’t heard much about Deadly Premonition 2. Apparently, that’s all about to change next week, with Hidetaka Suehiro advising on Twitter his current status in relation to his projects...

/ April 27, 2020
Commander 85

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Commander ’85

For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at PlayWay’s Commander ’85. The game is slated to release approximately in July 2020 on Windows, Mac, Linux Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. Here’s the overview: Commander ’85 is a...

/ April 26, 2020

Microids Announces The Adventures of Tintin Action-Adventure Game

Microids, the French based video game company behind adventure titles such as Blacksad and the Syberia trilogy, have announced that they have partnered with Moulinsart to bring The Adventures of Tintin to the world of video games. Not much detail...

/ April 24, 2020
Guard Duty

Guard Duty – Switch Review

Guard Duty is a tale as old as time itself; the beautiful princess has been kidnapped and it’s up to Tondbert, the lowly guard, to rise above adversity, find the evil that plagues the land, undo the wrong decision that...

/ April 23, 2020
Moving Out

Moving Out – Switch Review

Moving Out is a four-player cooperative party game that has you and your removalist co-workers retrieve clients’ furniture out of their house and into your truck as quickly as possible. Pick up a microwave, throw it down a flight of...

/ April 23, 2020