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Kunai Title

KUNAI – Switch Review

KUNAI is set in a post-apocalypic alternate future where robots are the sole lifeform due to a catastrophic event caused by the evil artificial intelligence known as Lemonkus. You play as Tabby, a sentient tablet with the spirit of an...

/ February 6, 2020
Kunai Title

KUNAI – Hats (H.A.T.S) Guide

Metroidvanias can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. This guide will reveal the location of every Hat (H.A.T.S) in each location. Disclaimer: This guide is still a work-in-progress as we are still working hard to find and document...

/ February 6, 2020
Kunai Title

KUNAI – The Guardian Boss Guide

Metroidvanias can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. This guide will go through how to most effectively defeat The Guardian. Phase 1 Whilst avoiding the tornadoes, throw a Shuriken at either the left or right button in order...

/ February 6, 2020

KUNAI – The Garbage Collector Boss Guide

Let’s face it, boss battles can be difficult and KUNAI’s The Garbage Collector whilst it is the first boss, it still packs a punch. Here’s a little strategy to help you get through. One of the very first moves at...

/ February 6, 2020
Moving Out

Team17’s Moving Out Gets a Release Date

We’ve been following SMG Studio very closely on this one and here it is with a locked in and firm release date of April 28. Here’s the overview and trailer: Team17 is excited to announce SMG Studio and DevM Games’...

/ February 5, 2020
Battle Axe

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Battle Axe

For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at Henk Nieborg’s Battle Axe. The game is slated to release approximately in January 2021 on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Here’s the overview: For as long...

/ February 2, 2020

Robots Under Attack! – Switch Review

Robots Under Attack! is an arrow shooting puzzle game that gives you only a small amount of ammunition in order to shoot them, crush them, blow them up and more. With a variety of different arrows to choose from, each...

/ January 31, 2020
Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk – Switch Review

I’m sure the idea of owning and running your own cafe has crossed most of our minds, but rather than taking the financial risk, it may be easier to just sit back with Toge Production’s Coffee Talk. Taking place in...

/ January 28, 2020
Aeolis Tournament

Interview with Beyond Fun Studios – Aeolis Tournament: Title Meaning, Inspirations and More

Just recently, we featured Beyond Fun Studios’ Aeolis Tournament on our Kickstarter Project of the Week series. With their Kickstarter campaign still active at the time of this article, we thought we’d reach out and the team made up of...

/ January 28, 2020
Nintendo Switch Racing Games

21 of the Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games (January 2020)

Listen to the sound of burnt rubber as your sound system emits the high pitch noise of wheels screeching across the tracks. Here, we’ve compiled a list that depicts 21 of the best Nintendo Switch racing games as of January...

/ January 27, 2020