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Milkmaid of the Milky Way

Milkmaid of the Milky Way – Switch Review (Quick)

Set in 1920s Norway, Ruth is a strong willed dairy farmer who lives three hours from the nearest town with only her cows for company. One night when an alien spacecraft threatens to take them away from her, she daringly...

/ August 18, 2020

Kickstarter Project of the Week: McDROID

For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at Elefantopia’s McDROID. The game is slated to release April 2021 next year on Nintendo Switch. Here’s the overview: Defend your *very* talkative Shuttle friend against a variety of alien species...

/ August 16, 2020
Projection First Light

Projection: First Light is Coming to Switch in September

Back at PAX Aus 2018, we interviewed Michael from Shadowplay Studios to talk about Projection: First Light. It’s been almost two years since then and after its timed exclusive stint on Apple Arcade, the light-based puzzle platformer is finally coming...

/ August 14, 2020
Bite the Bullet

Bite the Bullet – Switch Review

Bite the Bullet is aptly named, as your enemies will do just that and then some. In this run and gun platformer, you will mow down enemies before you chow down…on enemies. Bite the Bullet is a love letter to...

/ August 13, 2020
Boomerang Fu

Boomerang Fu – Switch Review

Quaint with a childish charm and a competitive spin that makes for one of the Switch’s best party games, Boomerang Fu is an instant classic with its quirky physics, stunning visuals, upbeat music, and wealth of replay value. Sitting down...

/ August 13, 2020
Bounty Battle

Bounty Battle Gets New Release Date in September

After being the victim of a few unfortunate delays, the indie fighter Bounty Battle will soon be seeing the light of day when it releases on Nintendo Switch on September 10th. Here’s the announcement:  The perfect way to settle a...

/ August 12, 2020
Double Kick Heroes

Double Kick Heroes – Switch Review

The horde of the undead are approaching and your only hope is to speed away whilst blasting blood pumping, face melting, mind bending metal. Double Kick Heroes is a rhythm based shoot ’em up that has your band keeping in...

/ August 11, 2020

Minoria Coming to Nintendo Switch in September

DANGEN Entertainment has announced that Minoria, a 2D action platformer spiritual sequel to Momodora, is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 10th. Here’s the rundown: The creators of the Momodora series and DANGEN Entertainment have announced the release date of...

/ August 11, 2020
The Ambassador

The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines – Switch Review

The Eternal Fellowship has been defeated and their city capital is brought to ruin. Gregor, a new recruit, is tasked with discovering who did it… and why. The Ambassador: Fractured Timeless is a topdown twin-stick shooter that instead of having...

/ August 10, 2020

Swimsanity! – Switch Review

Swimsanity! is an underwater 2D side-scrolling twin-stick shooter. Play with up to four players locally or online in order to cooperate and defeat a gigantic oncoming shark or duke it out against each other to be the last Mooba standing....

/ August 10, 2020