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The Messenger Dark Cave

The Messenger – Dark Cave / Magic Butterfly / Fallen Messenger / Key of Symbiosis Walkthrough (with images)

In order to find the Key of Symbiosis, you’ll need to proceed through the Dark Cave. But the Dark Cave is too dark (figures…), so we’ll first need to obtain the Power of True Sight. Upon talking to the Prophet,...

/ September 8, 2018
The Messenger Key of Chaos

The Messenger – Key of Chaos Walkthrough (with images)

The next task is to obtain the Key of chaos, to which the Prophet (if you speak to him) will give you this riddle: WHERE THE HEAT MELTS STONES AND ADVENTURERS ALIKE, A MAGIC NOTE AWAITS THE ONE SKILLED ENOUGH...

/ September 7, 2018
The Messenger Magic Seashell Key of Love

The Messenger – Magic Seashell / Underwater Maze / Sunken Shrine / Key of Love Walkthrough (with images)

WHERE THE CURSE IS STRONGEST, A MAGIC SEASHELL AWAITS THE ONE WHO DOESN’T FEAR DROWNING. If you pay for the hint at the shop, it’ll mark to go here on the map of Quillshroom Marsh: Go back to the prophet...

/ September 5, 2018
The Messenger Key of Strength

The Messenger – Astral Seed / Flowerbed / Key of Strength Walkthrough (with images)

Do you have the Astral Seed and not sure where to go next, or perhaps you may have gotten this hint from the Prophet and are absolutely stumped: ONCE THE BIRD RETURNS TO THE NEST, IT SHALL LEARN THE POWER OF TRUE SIGHT...

/ September 3, 2018
Octopath Traveler Boost Points

Octopath Traveler Basics: Boost Points

The combat in Octopath Traveler is focused around Boost Points. But what do Boost Points do? Well to put it simply, they allow your character to boost an Attack, Defend or Skill up to x4 in a single round. The...

/ July 3, 2018

A Guide to Unlocking all the Characters in Runner3

A timed console exclusive to the Nintendo Switch at launch, Choice Provisions’ popular auto-running series Runner3 is a worthy addition to anyone’s collection. The longer, more difficult levels contain a surprising amount of secrets that are easy to miss unless...

/ July 3, 2018

Bonus areas in “Tiger! Tiger!” (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

Featured with permission by DaNerd27 Here I’ll be attempting to impart some knowledge that should make Poppi’s ether grind a little more bearable. Every stage in Tiger! Tiger! is comprised of a top and bottom map segment, constant fixtures of...

/ June 30, 2018

How to Smash in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Featured with permission by botay93 Rex-rex want to learn how to smash? Poppi, initiate education mode! The Blades Rex: Mythra (must have Moon Matter or Mirror Matter chip) Roc (with whatever chip but preferably gold chip) Optional: Zenobia or any...

/ June 24, 2018

Poppi Alpha Guide (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

Featured with permission by lilbear10 The update is live and if you own the season pass you get 30k ether! If you’re early in the game this will allow you to not only unlock a lot of slots for Poppi...

/ June 24, 2018

A Guide to Premium Cylinders and Money Making (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

Featured with permission by IceDynamix Premium Cylinders Premium Cylinders are good. Like… really good. But are they worth their money? I mean, they do cost a whopping 25kG at Dev Lv5 Where do I get them? You can get them...

/ June 24, 2018