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The Big Journey

The Big Journey – Switch Review

This cutesy odyssey stars a feline foody, Mr. Whiskers, as he hunts dumplings and the enigmatic Mr. Choo. While on its surface this is just a kiddy port of a mobile app, it’s surprisingly sophisticated in practice. Is there enough...

/ April 5, 2020
Castle of Heart

Castle of Heart – Switch Review

This action platformer looks promising and has some obvious Soulsborne influence. This Switch exclusive features intense difficulty, relentless combat and grim overtones. Can it live up to its inspiration, or is it just wishful thinking? Gameplay Castle of Heart is...

/ March 29, 2020

Cave Story+ – Switch Review

Originally released for PC by indie developer Pixel in 2004 Cave Story has become something of a cult classic with Metroidvania fans: either you love it or you’ve never heard of it. It’s been released on multiple platforms (mainly Nintendo...

/ March 22, 2020