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Lover of chocolate and admirer of video games, Alex is the chief writer/editor of Switchaboo.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Super Mario 3D All-Stars Officially Announced; Launches September 18th

The rumblings have been rumbling for quite a while and now, we finally have confirmation of Super Mario 3D All-Stars launching in just TWO WEEKS on September 18th. Check out the trailer: Whilst they’re not exactly “HD” versions, they are...

/ September 3, 2020
Bake N Switch

Bake ‘n Switch Launches on Switch Next Week

We’ve been looking forward to Bake ‘n Switch since it was announced in a previous Indie World presentation and now, we finally have a release date of September 10th. Check out the press release along with a new trailer: Ready...

/ September 3, 2020
Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons – Switch Review

Take to the high seas and clear the path for Christopher Columbus before he set sail and discovered the Americas in 1492. In Here Be Dragons, you’ll battle Tritons, Krakens and other dangerous sea monsters in turn-based, dice rolling combat....

/ September 3, 2020
Asha in Monster World

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World Releasing on Switch in 2021

After the recent success of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap and FDG Entertainment’s Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World was announced at Gamescom to be coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 in 2021. Here’s...

/ August 31, 2020

Juiced! Coming to Nintendo Switch in September

On Nintendo Switch, 2D platformers are its bread and butter. Since its already initial release on Steam, iOS and Android, Juiced! was recently announced to be coming to Nintendo Switch on September 24th. Here’s the rundown: Discover the mystery of...

/ August 31, 2020

Windbound – Switch Review

After a sea voyaging expedition gone awry, Kara has found herself separated from her family, stranded on an uncharted island and forced to live off the land. Scavenge, hunt and craft your way in order to brave the stormy seas...

/ August 28, 2020
Hotshot Racing

Hotshot Racing Gets a Release Date in September

After various showcases of Hotshot Racing, showing off its classic arcade/Sega Saturn racing gameplay with a sharp polygonal aesthetic of yesteryear, the wait is now almost at an end with a release date of September 10. Here’s the full press...

/ August 27, 2020
Serious Scramblers

Serious Scramblers – Switch Review (Quick)

Serious Scramblers tests the player’s knowledge of 2D arcade platformers, having you not jump but fall downward from one platform to the next. Make your way to the flag at the end whilst being mindful of hazards aplenty and whether...

/ August 26, 2020
The Sinking City

The Sinking City Delisted From Every Console Store Except Switch

Developer Frogwares have announced that they have cut ties with former publisher Big Ben Interactive (Nacon) due to ongoing legal battles. This is due to “[Nacon’s] refusal to acknowledge a court ruling in France that states the contract between the...

/ August 25, 2020

Evergate – Switch Review

Evergate tells a captivating story about a white wisp named Ki travelling through the afterlife and going through the Evergate itself to relive the memories of those long since past. Utilise the power of the crystals within the Evergate in...

/ August 25, 2020