Month: November 2019

Mars Power Industries

Mars Power Industries – Switch Review

Mars Power Industries is described as a feel good resource management game. Humans are beginning to colonise on Mars and your job is to set up power plants in order to bring power and resources to thrive and survive. With...

/ November 26, 2019
8BitDo Zero 2

8BitDo Announce the Zero 2 Controller; Compatible with Nintendo Switch

8BitDo release a lot of novelty controllers, with most compatible with Nintendo Switch. Today, they announced the Zero 2, a miniature controller that is as big as a key chain. Not only are they compatible with Switch, but also with...

/ November 26, 2019
Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Announced for Nintendo Switch

Contrary to Capcom’s original hesitation towards the Switch, they’re now starting to bring a lot of their beloved series to the console. The third instalment is set to release on February 20th. Here’s the announcement: Devil May Cry 3 serves...

/ November 26, 2019
Doraemon Story of Seasons

Doraemon Story of Seasons – Switch Review

Doraemon and his friends have been transported to a brand new world and they must find their way back home. In the meantime, they must farm, interact with villagers and live out their day-to-day lives in this new world. With...

/ November 25, 2019
The Art of Cuphead

The Art of Cuphead Limited Edition Announced

Cuphead was just one of the games from Microsoft Studios that released on Nintendo Switch this year. The game is renowned for its 1930s cartoon art style and that art is being compiled into a limited edition compendium. Here’s the...

/ November 25, 2019
Electronic Super Joy

Electronic Super Joy – Switch Review

Electronic Super Joy is a challenging 2D platformer that has you preparing to die a lot. With its upbeat music and array of flashing colours, make your way through psychedelic levels that will test your skills like never before. Oh,...

/ November 25, 2019
Viking Vengeance

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Viking Vengeance

For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at Lowpoly Interactive’s Viking Vengeance. The game is slated to release in July 2020 on PC, Mac and Linux and the developers have expressed keen interest in bringing...

/ November 24, 2019
A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time – Switch Review

The 3D platforming genre is one that can be difficult for an indie studio to create and when the attempt is made, it’s difficult to say how it will turn out. A Hat in Time is one of those attempts...

/ November 23, 2019
Dr. Avalanche

Black Future ’88 – Dr. Avalanche Boss Guide

Black Future ’88 is a roguelike, so you may find that you just need to get the best weapons, but knowing their patterns couldn’t hurt. Dr. Avalanche is sneaky as he likes to use mirror images of himself, but we’re...

/ November 22, 2019
Black Future '88

Black Future ’88 – Switch Review

The year is 1988; well, it may as well be as the world stopped keeping track of time after the nuclear fallout. The sun is now blacked out and the only thing left to do is take down Duncan, the...

/ November 22, 2019