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When you first buy a Nintendo Switch, you may need a few accessories to go along with it. When I first bought a Switch back in March 2017, I ask ‘What Nintendo Switch accessories do I need?’. Well it’s been over two years since that day, so here are 30 Nintendo Switch accessories that make your Switch experience even better.

5 in 1 Starter Kit

Just bought a Nintendo Switch and thinking that you probably should’ve bought some accessories to go with it? Let’s just get it all out the way with a 5 in 1 starter kit. Complete with a crystal protective shell, a carry bag (with a wide range of designs), a glass film screen protector and two joystick thumb caps for ease of play, you’ll be set for months to come… until you see the rest of the accessories on this list.

8Bitdo SF30 Controller

The 8Bitdo SF30 takes the shape and design style of the classic Super Nintendo controller if you didn’t live in the United States – but seriously, how much better did the PAL region SNES controller look! This controller connects seamlessly to your Nintendo Switch and is perfect for playing classic or retro-inspired games. This controller can literally replace your current controller with left and right triggers AND bumpers.

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

Ever wanted to use an Xbox One controller to play Breath of the Wild? A PS4 controller to play Super Mario Odyssey? What if you really like the Wii U Pro Controller and want to use that to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Well, the 8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter allows you to do all those things! Simply plug the USB dongle into the Nintendo Switch Dock, pair the controller that you want to play with and enjoy!

Adjustable Charging Stand

It’s neat that the Switch has a built-in stand, but with that stand comes two problems: the first being that the stand only allows for a single angle of rotation and second, you cannot charge the console at the same time. The Adjustable Charging Standing fixes both of these issues, allowing you to tilt the screen to multiple different angles as well as allowing you to charge the device. Neat!

Car Charger

It gets pretty boring sitting in the backseat of a car for hours on end, especially after the 50th round of I-spy. So to kill the time, the Nintendo Switch will definitely be coming out. But after hours of driving and the Nintendo Switch comes up with that dreaded warning saying that the console’s battery is almost depleted, you’re going to need a car charger to keep your gaming adventure going.

Elite Player Backpack

Sometimes a regular backpack to carry around your Switch and its accessories is the way to go. The Elite Player Backpack not only fits the Switch, but it also fits six extra Joy-Cons, the dock, cables, extra games, headphones, pro controller and more. Not only that, but it has a neat modern design that is perfect to carry to a friend’s house or to be fully prepared whenever there’s a TV.

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Ethernet Adapter (HORI)

With Nintendo’s recent focus on online due to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you may want to consider an ethernet adapter that will plug into a USB port in the side of the dock to ensure a stable connection. Especially when it comes to online fighting games (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mortal Kombat 11, etc.), you want that connection to be as smooth as possible.

Fastsnail Joy-Con Grips

Ever wished that when you ‘Share the joy’ that the Joy-Cons felt like actual controllers? Well, I think that the Fastsnail Joy-Con Grips are the closest as we’re going to get. Detach the Joy-Cons, slip them into one of these and game away. They also come with some detachable thumb grips for the joysticks for extra grip.

Flip Grip

The Flip Grip is quite a unique piece of plastic. The Nintendo Switch, with its unique design, allows vertical arcade games (both old and new) to be played as they were intended. The only issue is that when you rotate the Switch vertically, you’re either leaning it up, lying it down on a flat surface or balancing the screen on your legs. But with the Flip Grip, you can slide the Switch tablet into the it, attach the Joy-Cons and play your favourite arcade games safely and efficiently.

HORI D-Pad Joy-Con

Ever wish the left Joy-Con had a standard D-Pad? Well wish no more! HORI has made a handful of left sided Joy-Cons that brings back the traditional style of gaming. Not only are they practical, but they also come in some pretty stylish designs: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario and Pikachu (my favourite is the Pikachu one, but that’s just me).

HORI Nintendo Switch Multiport USB Playstand

The HORI Nintendo Switch Multiport USB Playstand is the best accessory for those who love to play in tabletop mode. Plug the playstand into the the AC adapter and place the switch onto the USB-C port in order to allow up to four USB compatible accessories to be plugged in at once. The device can also lean the Switch back 30, 40, 50 & 60 degrees to your preference and rest assured that the playstand is officially licensed by Nintendo.

Joy-Con Charge Stand

Do you have multiple Joy-Cons in your house but not enough Switches and docks to make sure that they’re all charged at once? What about when you have family and/or friends coming around and you need to make sure that all of your Joy-Cons are charged? Having a Charge Stand for all of those Joy-Cons ensures that you’ll never be caught with an uncharged Joy-Con ever again.

Joy-Con Charging Grip

Ever since the Switch launched, fans haven’t been too happy about the fact that they couldn’t charge the Joy-Cons whilst playing in TV Mode. So if you don’t have a Pro Controller, a Joy-Con Charging Grip is definitely recommended to make sure that they don’t go flat at the most crucial moment.

Joy-Con Steering Wheels

This one is for all the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe fans out there. When Mario Kart Wii first came out and utilised the motion controls, the steering wheel was the perfect accessory to recreate the feeling of kart racing. With the Nintendo Switch doing away with the Wii Remotes and replacing them with the Joy-Cons, fans of the steering wheels can still play the way they like with the Joy-Cons. And besides, this way you can let everyone know online that you’re using motion controls…

Light Up Dock Shield

Sometimes I sit on my couch, Pro Controller in hand, my eyes drift away from the TV towards the Nintendo Switch dock and I think, “that looks so boring”. If you think the same way as I do, a PDP Light Up Dock Shield is something that might fix that. This officially licensed Pokemon Dock Shield switches between two different designs and 17 different colours so if your dock looks boring to you, just change the setting, sit back and enjoy.

Mario-Themed Hard Shell Carry Bag

Every Nintendo Switch owner needs a hard shell carry case that you can bring to friends’ houses that fits the console, the dock, cables, joy-con grip and accessories; but who said we can’t do that in style? This Mario-themed carry case is the perfect accessory for any Nintendo fan but if it’s too on the nose for you, there are plenty of plain black carry bags where this one came from.

And if you wanted a plain black carry case, we also sell one on our website.

Nintendo Labo

In April 2018, Nintendo made an astonishing announcement that they would be releasing cardboard accessories that interact with the Switch in creative and engaging ways. To this day, there are four Toy-Con kits, the Variety Kit (as shown in the images to the left), the Robot Kit, the Vehicle Kit and the VR Kit.

Nintendo Switch Dock

Those who have multiple TVs/monitors in their house but only one dock will know the pain of having to constantly unplug and replug their dock whenever they want to play on different screens. So to avoid having to do that, why not buy a second dock? Sure, the official dock can be a little pricey, but third party docks have been known to brick consoles, so it’s best to be safe than sorry.

PokéBall Plus

For all you Pokémon fans out there, the PokéBall Plus is a fantastic accessory to accompany your play through of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee. Not only does the PokéBall Plus act as a controller, but you can also put a Pokémon inside it (not physically… just wanted to clarify), allowing you to walk around with it as it counts your steps and levels up said Pokémon. There are also plenty of accessories to go with it (sold separately), such as a charging stand to display your love for Pokémon.

Portable Charger – Anker PowerCore 20100

Third-party portable chargers and docks have been an issue with the Nintendo Switch, bricking the system and leaving the console nothing more than a shell of what it was. But sometimes we need to charge our Switch on the go, so we recommend the Anker PowerCore 20100, officially licensed by Nintendo themselves. Not only is this portable charger more reliable, but it can also hold a whopping 20100mAh of charge, leaving you with charge for hours of playtime on the go.

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

The official Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers can be quite costly, so trust third parties to go and make some of their own pro controllers for a fraction of the price. Some are pretty average, but PowerA’s Enhanced Wireless Controller is a great substitute that come in a wide variety of colours and designs.

PowerA Wireless GameCube Controller

The classic GameCube controller is beloved by many and despite its resurgence with the popularity of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the official controllers can be pricey and you have to buy an adapter to go with it. With the PowerA Wireless GameCube Controller, you can replicate the feeling of a GameCube controller with all of the additional buttons needed. The product is also officially licensed by Nintendo, so you know it’s good.

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Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is arguably the best controller that Nintendo has ever made. If you’re a seasoned gamer who likes to play on many different consoles, you might find the Joy-Con grip to be a little uncomfortable to hold for long play sessions. The Pro Controller, on the other hand, fits nicely into your hands and perfect for long stretches on time. The Pro Controller also comes in a few different designs, so you can take your pick.

Question Block Nintendo Switch Game Cartridge Storage

Keeping your Nintendo Switch cartridges in their cases is so 1990. To mix things up a bit, why not keep them in a cute little question storage block? If you’re one who likes to buy their games physically, then having a few Super Mario Question Blocks laid out in front of your TV is both a perfect way to store all your games in one place and present your love for Nintendo games in style.

Sandisk MicroSD Card

We all love the Nintendo Switch; I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading it, but we can all agree that 32GB internal memory is just not enough. Every Switch almost HAS to have a MicroSD card if you ever want to buy more than two games digitally. Luckily, MicroSD cards have DRAMATICALLY gone down in price and they come in a wide variety of sizes to fit your budget.

Soft Ergonomic TPU Nintendo Switch Case

This Nintendo Switch case fits to the back and around your device, with rugged protection in case you happen to drop it on its side. It doesn’t cover up any vents and makes sure that everything is accessible to you whilst you’re playing. You may also notice that the grips on the sides allow for easier handling for longer play sessions, which can be a life saver for your hands.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

A 9H hardness tempered glass protector for the Nintendo Switch. This high-quality screen protector protects sharp scratches to your Switch’s screen, with 9H tempered glass hardness. Experience crystal clear gaming through glass that lets you see your Nintendo Switch’s screen with full clarity and no color distortion whatsoever. 

TFY Switch Car Mount

Looking down for long periods of time at the in a car ride can really hurt your neck. It can even cause tension headaches and motion sickness, and nobody wants that. The TFY Switch Car Mount is a safe and sturdy accessory that wraps around the headrest, allowing it to be free of clamps that could potentially do damage to the headrest. It also has a slim but secure silicon holding net that doesn’t cover up any vents, buttons or the headphone jack on the Switch.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds In-Ear Gaming Headset

A good pair of earphones are essential for gaming on the go… don’t be that guy on the train with the volume all the way up. The Turtle Beach Battle Buds are a fantastic option, with high quality 10mm speakers, customisation that allows you to find your perfect comfort and a detachable microphone that allows you to voice chat on the odd game that supports without the app.

Yobwin Portable Switch Battery Case

Whilst playing your Switch on the go is an amazing thing, the battery life can sometimes be an issue and if you’re not next to a charger, you’re out of luck. However with the Antank Portable Switch Battery Case, this won’t be an issue. This accessory allows you to charge your Switch whilst playing it, being that perfect portable charger. It also has a pop out stand that will allow you to play it in tabletop mode, better grips for the Joy-Cons for comfort during long play sessions and even additional card slots behind the Joy-Cons – how cool is that!

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