Month: June 2019

Evan's Remains

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Evan’s Remains

For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at Whitethorn Digital’s Evan’s Remains. The game is slated to release in May 2020 on PC and Consoles (including Nintendo Switch). Here’s the rundown: Evan’s Remains is a...

/ June 24, 2019

Hellmut: The Badass from Hell – Switch Review

Hellmut: The Badass from Hell is a colourful, fast-paced roguelike with a dash of bullet-hell thrown in, and the first game by developer Volcanicc. You are the head and spinal cord of a scientist killed by the hoard of demonic...

/ June 22, 2019
Zelda Cuphead

Cuphead Developer, Studio MDHR, Want to Make a Zelda Game

In the most recent issue of Nintendo Force, the team sat down with Studio MDHR, the developers behind Cuphead. The once Microsoft exclusive indie darling recently hit the Nintendo Switch and was instantly accepted with open arms by the Nintendo...

/ June 22, 2019
Mario Kart Hot Wheels

Nintendo and Hot Wheels Partner to Bring Die-Cast Mario Kart Cars and Tracks

Nothing screams childhood quite like Mario Kart and Hot Wheels and today, the two worlds have collided to bring us a partnership that we’ve all been waiting for. Here’s what the companies said in the announcement: The Hot Wheels replica...

/ June 21, 2019

My Friend Pedro – Final Boss Guide – Pedro

So here we are, the final boss of My Friend Pedro just happens to be Pedro himself. This boss fight seems to be set up more like a SHMUP, but you’ll still need to use the platforming skills that you...

/ June 20, 2019

My Friend Pedro: Mitch the Butcher Boss Guide

In the boss fight against Mitch the Butcher, there are two stages, so let’s get started… If you believe that we have missed anything or could improve on our guide, let us know by emailing us at Stage 1...

/ June 20, 2019

My Friend Pedro: Ophelia Boss Guide

Ophelia is a tricky one to do a guide for as she is simply another you. She is fast and will use assault rifle just like you should also. If you believe that we have missed anything or could improve...

/ June 20, 2019

My Friend Pedro: Denny Boss Guide

The second boss in My Friend Pedro is against Denny. Whilst that doesn’t sound as impressive as Mitch the Butcher, Denny packs a heck of a punch. If you believe that we have missed anything or could improve on our...

/ June 20, 2019
My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro – Switch Review

My Friend Pedro is a run n’ gun action platformer with precision-based physics and the ability to slow down time, allowing for some creative manoeuvring and high octane gun violence. Uncover the secrets of your mysterious kidnapping by using everything...

/ June 20, 2019
Disaster Report 4

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories Announced for Nintendo Switch

NIS America continues its support of the Nintendo Switch with the announcement of Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories. Here’s the overview: What would you do when the world as you knew it was turned upside down?  Disaster Report 4: Summer...

/ June 20, 2019