Month: May 2019

Gato Roboto: Final Boss Guide

The Final Boss in Gato Roboto is certainly a challenging fight, as you’d expect. It’s actually split up into two parts, so let’s get into it… Part 1 The first manoeuvre that the Final Boss will do is to bob...

/ May 31, 2019

Gato Roboto: Lava Mouse Boss Guide

The Lava Mouse is the second boss in Gato Roboto and arguably the most difficult. It took us a few attempt to defeat it, so we figured we’d do a quick guide for it… First things first is to make...

/ May 31, 2019
Gato Roboto

Gato Roboto – Switch Review

Gato Roboto is a classically-inspired 2D metroidvania that has you controlling a cat in a mech suit. As crazy as that may sound, the cat is actually being controlled remotely by the injured captain in his ship that has crash...

/ May 31, 2019

Cadence of Hyrule Confirmed to Launch in June

In today’s Indie World that shows off the latest Indie games in Japan, Cadence of Hyrule was confirmed to be launching this June. Below is the presentation and the footage starts at 6:58…

/ May 31, 2019

Destiny Connect Receives Release Dates in the West

NIS America have just announced a western release date for Destiny Connect, a JRPG set in a world that requires you to learn from the past in order to save the future. Destiny Connect launches on October 22 in North...

/ May 30, 2019
Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital Having a MASSIVE Sale on Nintendo Switch

To celebrate the tenth birthday of Devolver Digital, the critically acclaimed publisher is holding a sale on Nintendo Switch. The sale begins May 30 9AM PT (May 31 2AM AEST) and will feature the following games: Ape Out 30% Broforce...

/ May 30, 2019

Pokemon Sleep and PokéBall Go Plus+ Announced

It was announced that Nintendo are working on a PokeBall Go Plus+. Despite the odd name, this new piece of technology tracks your sleep via Pokemon Sleep and sends it to your phone. It transforms the time spent sleeping into...

/ May 29, 2019

Pokémon Home Announced as a Cloud-Based Service

A place where all Pokemon can gather that allows players to bring over the Pokemon that you’ve collected in Pokemon Let’s GO and Pokemon Sword/Shield. You are also able to trade Pokemon via your phone and transport them into your...

/ May 29, 2019

Pokémon Detective Pikachu Sequel Coming to Nintendo Switch

At the Pokemon Conference, a sequel to the Nintendo 3DS version of Detective Pikachu was announced for Nintendo Switch. For those who played the 3DS game, you may know that the game ended on a cliff hanger. It was stated...

/ May 29, 2019
Ding Dong XL

Ding Dong XL – Switch Review

Ding Dong XL is a simplistic arcade game that has you shooting a ball from one side to the other. It may not sound like much, but the concept relies on its addictive simplicity instead of attempting to complicate things....

/ May 28, 2019