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Welcome to Part 13 of the Baba Is You walkthrough – Depths. There are a total of levels in this area, so let’s get started…

Level 01: Cleaning Service

Solution 1: Remake TEXT IS OPEN vertically, beside the door, so that OPEN is one tile to the right of the Door. Push it left to open the Door and delete OPEN.

Push IS out first; push it up and then go around the Wall and push it right, into the corner. Now push TEXT out and up, but push it left, so it should end up four tiles right of the topmost Skull.

Next, bring down WEAK and place it two tiles below TEXT. Bring down the IS from below the SKULL TEXT and make TEXT IS WEAK. Now walk into the IS below LEVEL to get rid of it, so you won’t be able to make LEVEL IS WEAK.

Then walk into TEXT and destroy it, but don’t push IS WEAK down. Instead, go around and push WEAK to where SKULL is. Push SKULL to the top, with one empty tile between the left side. Follow that up with IS and WEAK below that to make SKULL IS WEAK. Walk into the Skulls to destroy them and you could walk into the Flag, but…

Solution 2

Walking into the Flag now will simply give you a small victory. But in order to continue on with the levels in Depths, once you destroy the Skulls, push SKULL to the top-right corner of the wall so that you can push IS and WEAK out of the enclosure and make WALL IS WEAK in the top-left corner.

Now you can destroy all of the Walls by simply running into them. Make LEVEL IS SKULL and you’ll be taken out of the level and you can control the Skull in the world’s map to get to…

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Level 2: Exercise Hall

First, move MOVE up to make KEKE IS MOVE. This will let the Keke on the left start moving downwards, to which he will make LEVEL IS RIGHT. When this first happened, it freaked me out (and actually made a little motion sick for a second).

This can be quite difficult to navigate through if you’re playing in docked mode or on PC, but you can always just tilt your head. Next, we want to to to the top-left (bottom-left?) corner and push EMPTY once to make BOX IS EMPTY. This will allow Keke to continue onwards and make LEVEL IS UP.

Only it’s not really up, is it?

Make your way over to WATER IS and push EMPTY into the sentence to make WATER IS EMPTY. The Level will flip once more.

Now you can take that EMPTY tile and bring it over to LOVE IS to make LOVE IS EMPTY (how sad…). This will cause Keke to make FLAG IS WIN. Walk into the Flag in the middle.

Level 03: Crushers

Break BELT IS SHIFT. This will let you walk through the Belt and up into the Flag. This one way to do it, or…

Solution 2

This is the solution that will allow you to continue onwards in the Depths world. We all have @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) to thank for their help with this one – you’re a superstar!

Push IS in BELT IS SHIFT up to disengage it.

Head to the bottom-right corner, push the top IS to the right and PUSH up so that you can bring the other IS into the top-left section and make TEXT IS WEAK.

Now head back to the bottom-right corner, walk into IS to destroy it and bring PUSH into the bottom-middle room.

Make BELT IS PUSH as shown below…

Push the Belt to the left and then to the right into the bottom-middle room. Push the Belt into PUSH, then push PUSH left so that it is on top of the Belt and then push PUSH/Belt to the right once.


Head up and push WEAK twice to the right so that it is in the centre of the crossroad.

Push BELT IS TEXT up once and then PUSH/BELT to the left twice and up into the row of Skulls so that the double text tile is facing upwards. Now make TEXT IS SHIFT horizontally.

Doing this will push WEAK up so that it is forever out of harm’s way. Now move all the way around to push MOVE down so that Skull is no longer Move.

Now you can walk up and down the middle corridor (how great does that feel!?) and bring TEXT up to make LEVEL IS TEXT.

Level 04: Collaborative Effort

Many thanks to 네이버하드 for finding the solution to this one!

Getting to this level requires you to make BABA IS LEVEL, then open the Door with the Key in the Depths overworld.

Push YOU across to make KEKE IS YOU, without the other Baba touching anything. Use the Keke below to pull the SKULL text away from the wall, then push it onto the Lava. At the same time, get the other Keke to the tile left of YOU. Move right to make BABA IS YOU again.

Move right one tile (making BABA IS YOU) then move three tiles left and one right. You should end up with Baba now on the left of Keke and with BABA IS YOU. Move this Baba behind the little bit of wall jutting out, so they can’t mess up KEKE IS and BABA IS YOU, and with the other Baba pull the SKULL text out of the Lava and make SKULL IS PULL.

Pull away the two Skulls at the bottom and make SKULL IS SINK. Break SKULL IS PULL, and make the nearest Baba walk into the Skull above the Flag and disappear. Bring the other Baba up and make KEKE IS YOU, then Keke can walk into the Flag.

Level 05: Living Lands

Many thanks to 네이버하드 for finding the solutions to this one!

To get back to this level if you exit Depths, you’ll need to make BABA IS LEVEL, then open the Door with the Key again.

Solution 1: Use Me to make FLAG IS WIN, then walk into the Flag.

Solution 2: (NB, you can walk Me against the Walls or the edge of the level to correct the camera and make sure you can see what is happening)

Walk Me around the outside to the top, and push ME IS YOU right, until ME is above WALL IS STOP.

Push WALL IS STOP up to make WALL IS YOU. Move around, making sure not to break WALL IS YOU, break WALL IS STOP and LEVEL IS YOU.

Finally, use what’s left of the wall to make LEVEL IS ME.

Extra Level 1: Priority Lane

Many thanks to 네이버하드 for finding the solution to this one!

This level requires you to have finished Level 03 so that you have the LEVEL text in the Depths Overworld. To access this level, make LEVEL IS PUSH.

Push one of the IS texts into the water, then, with BELT IS PUSH, push the Belt next to SKULL IS SHIFT down one tile.

Use PUSH to erase a second water tile. Make BELT IS SHIFT AND SHIFT, then go along the belts to the Flag, as you can now move faster than Keke.

Extra Level 02: Secret Cottage

Once again, many thanks to 네이버하드 for finding the solution to this one!

To access this level, you’ll need to make ROCK IS LEVEL in the Depths Overworld.

Place the Key in front of the door (ie, one tile to the left). Make DOOR IS ROCK, then make KEY IS DOOR, then make ROCK IS KEY.

Make DOOR IS PUSH and open the Key with the Door, which will turn into a Rock but will also allow Baba to walk over it and access the cottage.

Push the Door above the Heart up twice so you can push it back down and into the other Key. Finally, make LOVE IS WIN and get the Heart.

Extra Level 3: Hidden Relic

Many thanks to 네이버하드 for finding the solution to this one!

Make BABA IS LEVEL in the Depths overworld.

Place KEKE IS to the left of BABA IS YOU, so you can push YOU left to make KEKE IS YOU, and use Keke to walk into the Box.

Extra Level 4: Buried Treasure

Make KEKE IS BABA, and you’ll have two Babas. Then make KEKE IS MOVE parallel to BABA IS YOU, two tiles to the right.

Put the BABA text in the space two tiles above KEKE and one to the left, then put the remaining IS one tile above KEKE. Now get both Babas in the corridor to the left of BABA IS YOU, with one to the left of the lone BABA text, and one to the left of YOU, and move right one tile.

You’ll make BABA IS KEKE, and since KEKE IS MOVE, the Kekes will automatically move one more tile to the right, breaking KEKE IS MOVE and making KEKE IS YOU. Now Keke can walk into the Box and get the Flag to win.

Extra Level 5: Endless Corridor

To get to this level, follow the new path and get to the Flag.

All you need to do within the level is make for the Flag using the most direct path. Now that that level is done, we can access the META world (because this game wasn’t meta enough).


When level 05 has turned into Me, you can bring the Skull over the top of it and push out GRASS. Make BABA IS GRASS and use the Skull to get the Flag, allowing you to access a secret world in ???.

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