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Welcome to Part 12 of the Baba Is You walkthrough – ABC. There are a total of seven levels in this area, so let’s get started…

Level 01: Lunar Gallery

Use H to push IS PUSH through the Moon object and make MOON IS PUSH to get into the room on the left. Using the T above the Skulls, make BABA IS HOT, and use Baba to get rid of the Skulls.

Next, make NOT BABA IS PUSH, and push out one of the walls to access the Flag. Break the sequence so you can actually touch the Flag.

Level 02: BA

First, put another BA BA IS underneath BA BA IS YOU horizontally, allowing you to push YOU down one tile. Push BA BA IS YOU all the way to the right (6 tiles).

Next, put one BA below ROCK IS, and another underneath the second BA in BA BA IS YOU, so all four BAs resemble a backwards Tetris S block.

Underneath the vertical BA BAs, make BA BA IS HOT and BA BA IS FLOAT. Now the Baba that used to be a Rock can get the Flag out of the Box. Break the BA BA IS FLOAT sequence and make FLAG IS WIN to win.

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Level 03: AB

Make BELT IS PUSH. Push the rightmost Belt up one tile to allow Baba to push the AB text down. Push the four available Belts into the following positions:

One above the first B facing right;

one above the first A facing down;

one below the first A facing right;

and one below the second B facing up.

Next, put AB one tile below the first B in BABA, and then put PUSH one tile above the second B, with BELT IS above that, but separated by one empty tile so that the second B will push PUSH up to make BELT IS PUSH at the right moment.

Now, push AB right, then immediately push the first B up. Wait another turn by pressing A and once everything has finished moving, you should have B-AB-A IS YOU, and be able to push it right.

Do so, and use the spare A and B to make a vertical B-AB-A IS HOT, intersecting on AB. Now Baba can get the Flag.

Level 04: Queue

Credit for this one goes to Hetland B, thank you!

Push the top Ice tile above Keke. Then, make ICE IS TELE vertically so that the IS is overlapping the Ice. Horizontally from ICE, make ICE NEAR KEKE IS FLOAT.

Push the big S into the left Ice tile so that it teleports to the other.

Make ICE IS PUSH and push the right Ice tile once to the left. This will disengage ICE IS PUSH, so push IS/S back to the right and push TELE once to the right to remake ICE IS TELE.

Now push the big I, and then KEKE, into the left Ice tile to teleport them.

Push PUSH up once and then push to the left so that you simultaneously make BABA I S PUSH and KEKE IS PUSH. Now you can go over to the left and push both Keke and Baba down in order to get to the Flag.

Level 05: Wall

Use the Key to open the door just below the W in WALL. Move the letters out and make ALL IS PUSH.

Push the Walls to make enough room to move OPEN. Make ALL IS OPEN, and the rest of the Doors will disappear. Finally, make ALL IS PUSH again to push away the Hedges.

Disengage ALL IS PUSH and get the Flag.

Level 06: Stardrop

A big thank you to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) for pointing this one out to us!

Rearrange the big letters down the bottom, in addition to the IS and FLAG tiles, to make STAR IS FLAG.

Now lay the groundworks on BELT IS GHOST. Specifically, we want BELT IS vertically just above the Belt, G on the Belt, H just below the G and OST below that with an empty tile space below the H. Lastly, before we connect these all together, push FLAG onto the left Belt tile, just next to the G.

Push the entire sequence down once, making BELT IS GHOST and FLAG IS FALL. The Flag to the left will fall down onto the newly transformed Ghost and walk on into that Flag.

Extra Level 1: Meteor Strike

Once again, a BIG thank you to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) for this one!

Rearrange the letters to make BELT IS GHOS TAR IS FALL horizontally with the conveyor Belt in between GHOS and TAR. That may sound confusing, so look at the image below…

Push BELT to the right so that the whole sentence connects and the Star will fall onto a newly transformed Ghost on the left side of screen.

Push the MELT text in BABA IS MELT up once so that it gets pushed into the gap up the top. Then make BABA IS HOT vertically and using the H, LOVE HAS FLAG.

Now walk into the Star and it’ll break into a Heart. Walk into the Heart and it’ll break into the winning Flag.

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