Nintendo Switch Lite Pros and Cons Switch Pro

Nintendo Switch Lite: Pros and CONS

Nintendo has revealed a new Switch console: the Nintendo Switch Lite. This new compact version of the Switch has a greater focus on handheld play, so those of us who spend most of our time playing the switch in handheld...

/ July 11, 2019
Top Indie Games on Nintendo Switch

Top 90 Indie Games on Nintendo Switch (December 2019)

The Nintendo Switch has so many amazing indie titles that can be considered some of the best games on the system. There are a lot of them, so instead of sifting through that eShop, we’ve made a list of 90...

/ March 30, 2019
XCOM Catherine

XCOM 2 Collection and Catherine: Full Body Rated for Switch

While we’re all sitting here waiting for a Nintendo Direct, there have been some third-party rumblings; XCOM 2 Collection and Catherine: Full Body being two of them. Both games were recently listed for Nintendo Switch in South Korea. The XCOM...

/ February 17, 2020
Eyra the Crow Maiden

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Eyra the Crow Maiden

For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at Second Dimension’s Eyra the Crow Maiden. The game is slated to release approximately in September 2020 on NES and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis (if it reaches its Kickstarter goal) with no...

/ February 17, 2020
Dead or School

Dead or School Announced for Nintendo Switch

Marvelous Games has just announced Dead or School, a 2.5D side-scrolling action game filled with zombies, high-school and blood – lots of blood. Read what Marvelous had to say: Marvelous Europe is today excited to announce that DEAD OR SCHOOL, a...

/ February 13, 2020
Nintendo Switch Online NES

Four New Retro Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online

It seems like a long time since we got treated to new additions for the Nintendo Switch Online service and today, Nintendo announced two games coming to both NES and SNES on February 19th. Pop’n TwinBee – The sixth game...

/ February 12, 2020
Broken Roads

Industry Veteran Joins Drop Bear Bytes to Assist Broken Roads Development

We at Switchaboo are huge fans of Drop Bear Bytes and cannot wait for the release of their debut title Broken Roads. Just now, a press release revealed that industry veteran Colin McComb has joined Drop Bear Bytes as Creative...

/ February 11, 2020

Marooners – Switch Review

Marooners is a mini-game marathon party game that has up to six players chaotically fighting over coins to be the one player to come out on top. Whether you’re dodging rolling boulders whilst wailing on your friends or mining through...

/ February 11, 2020
Crash Drive 2 Switch Review

Crash Drive 2 – Switch Review

The racing genre is somewhat stagnant, with very few games truly standing out amongst the crowd, unless of course your name is Mario and you have a little Nintendo get-together every now and then with some go-karts. However, the talented...

/ February 10, 2020
Rose of Starcross

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Rose of Starcross

For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at Peyton Burnham’s Starcross. The game is slated to release approximately in December 2022 on PC and Nintendo Switch (if it reaches its Kickstarter goal). Here’s the overview: Rose of Starcross...

/ February 9, 2020
Kunai Title

KUNAI Walkthrough Part 10 – Space

Metroidvania’s can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. Part 10 will help you through Space and how to get to the game’s final boss. Lost in Space Upon landing, save at the Save Point. Then move to the...

/ February 9, 2020

KUNAI – Lemonkus Boss Guide

Let’s face it, boss battles can be difficult and KUNAI final boss Lemonkus certainly packs a punch. Here’s a little strategy to help you get through. Phase 1 To initiate maximum damage, you’ll want to shoot rockets upward with your...

/ February 9, 2020