Banjo-Kazooie Super Smash Bros.

Banjo-Kazooie in Super Smash Bros., Phil Spencer says “Yep.”

It was a short and sweet answer, but when asked on Twitter about whether he was still willing to put Banjo-Kazooie in Super Smash Bros., Phil Spencer (head of Xbox) responded with this…   Hopefully Nintendo are paying close attention...

/ March 20, 2018
Nindies Showcase (March 2018)

Nindies Showcase (March 2018) Recap

Nintendo announced a whole bunch of new hit indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch in their latest Nindies Showcase (March 2018). But enough of that, let’s just get to the games already!   Please note that all of these...

/ March 20, 2018
Celeste Strawberry Chapter 2

Celeste 100% Strawberry Guide – Chapter 2: Old Site

Let’s get stuck into collecting every strawberry in Chapter 2! First off, it’s going to be difficult to collect all but one strawberry until you can dash through the starry space parts. So, let’s focus on that. Proceed right until...

/ March 20, 2018

Australian Nintendo Switch Releases (March 19, 2018)

Hey fellow Switchaboos, we have thirteen new releases this week, packed with some big names like Shantae and Attack on Titan, so let’s get stuck into it…   Note: All prices are in AUD and all release dates are for...

/ March 19, 2018

Switchaboo Episode 1: We’re Live! Nintendo Direct (March 2018), Nindie Showcase, Nintendo Nostalgia

Episode 1 of the Switchaboo podcast! Hooray! In this episode, we talk about: The recent Nintendo Direct and what we’re excited for The Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch announcement and new movesets Nintendo’s new warmth towards third party and...

/ March 17, 2018

Episode 0: We’re launching a podcast!

Hey fellow Switchaboos. Today we’re announcing the launch of our podcast! It will be run by myself (David Liu) and Alex Harding (author/writer grandmaster) of the site. Stay tuned for more.

/ March 16, 2018
Super Smash Bros. Switch

Top 10 Characters We Would Like to See Come to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch

Considering we got Bayonetta and Cloud as DLC in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & Nintendo 3DS, we now feel as though anything is possible. So we decided to put together a list of the top 10 characters that...

/ March 13, 2018
Kirby Star Allies

Australian Nintendo Switch Releases (March 12, 2018)

  It feels weird saying it but with ten games being released, it’s a slow week for the Switch. But that can be justified with a certain first-party release coming out this week. You probably already know what that game...

/ March 12, 2018
Nintendo 3DS family

6 Reasons Why We Think the 3DS is Still Being Supported

  Whenever a game is announced for the Nintendo 3DS, a general air of confusion tends to flood throughout the Nintendo fanbase. If you are brave enough to delve into the comments section of any YouTube trailer or tweet, you...

/ March 10, 2018
3DS Nintendo Direct (March 2018)

Nintendo Direct (March 2018) Nintendo 3DS Announcements

  Even though it only lasted for around six minutes, the Nintendo 3DS section of the Nintendo Direct (March 2018) contained a few big announcements.   We know that we are called SWITCHaboo, but we still have a lot of...

/ March 9, 2018